Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New publication!

Another of my dark stories found a home!
Here you can find my latest publication in e-book:


The paperback should come out in the next few weeks, I'll edit this post when it does :D

The anthology is called Detritus and has a rather unusual theme that immediatly attracted my attention and from which sprang a nice idea... well nice is subjective really. I'll let you read the back cover:

Editorial Reviews

The impulse to collect springs from deep within the human psyche Squirrels gather acorns, rats collect shiny things, but only humans assign meaning to the objects they collect. Detritus is a collection of stories about the impulse to collect, preserve, and display gone horribly wrong.

Kate Jonez and S.S. Michaels have assembled a diverse range of exceptionally disturbing stories from authors from around the world. Each of the stories, whether about a collection that is world changing or intensely personal, is sure to linger in readers’ thoughts and make them consider the possibility that malice and evil just might lurk in their own hoard of stuff.

Featuring: Kealan Patrick Burke, Jeremy C, Shipp, Mary Borsellino, Brent Michael Kelley, Phil Hickes, L.S. Murphy, Michael R. Colangelo, Neil Davies, Louise Bohmer, Edmund Colell, S.P. Miskowski, Michael Montoure, Lee Widener, Pete Clark, and Opal Edgar