Saturday, 2 July 2011


The month of June has been rather busy, instead of the usual weekly rejection letters, I got weekly acceptances!

So yes, for this month of June I have 3 publication announcements :)

First you can find my story 'Dark Hopes' on the webzine Organics: Eternal Love story:
Obviously this is a dark romance short, with love and blood, just as I know how to make them :)

Then I have an upcoming flash fiction, 'Poisoned blood' in the Magazine Hungur. This is a magazine that only publishes vampire stories, but not the cliché dark hansom out of the grave fantasy ones, but sci-fi vampires. Yep, you heard right. Vampires from the future, or in the future, alien vampires, robot vampires... whatever as long as it's a sci-fi universe rather than a fantasy one. My participation should come out in the November issue.

And last, in fact I just got the news today :) I have a short story 'Worlds fall apart' that should come out in the august issue of the webzine An Electric Tragedy. This is a horror story, one that the editor of the zine told me, rather awed, had managed to scare him. I’m so proud of that, I scare grown men! :D especially when he added that no other story he read through since he started the zine had managed to do that!

Ahhhh… this feels so great!

Oh I should add that my story in Aurora wolf has been published in print and is therefore not available on the website anymore. So if you were a little late and want, nay, NEED to read it, you can buy it here:

or here:

Take care :)

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