Monday, 21 November 2011

Radio interview finally available to all

Exciting news, for all those who missed the show (1h interview of myself as a writer) or couldn't listen to it the podcast is available here:


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Update on publications :D

I realised I forgot to tell everyone I have a story on Aurora wolf at the moment:

This is a light entertaining short piece for those who like adventure, orcs, and pocking fun at heroic fantasy (but in a nice way).

I will also have a story coming out in an anthology in a few month called Detritus published by Omnium Gatherum. It's about the urge to collect things which are somewhat repulsive...  it is fantasy obviously.

That's about it right now :) I'm working at pushing works in new venues but it takes time...

Friday, 7 October 2011

Radio interview!

Monday I'll be interviewed by Ollia Georges on her radio show. Bellow is her lovely message about the coming show. If you're around Paris you can listen to it on monday from 6 to 7pm. If you're in another spot on the glob the podcast should be available soon after. Hope you'll have time to tune in :)

Lundi 10 octobre 2011, "Happy Hour" 18h-19h sur Radio Enghien Idfm98. ou 98FM en Ile de France
Ce lundi je vous invite de partir dans le monde de Opal Edgar, une jeune femme franco-australienne qui écrit des nouvelles dans les genres de science-fiction et fantastique. Née en Australie, Opal vit à Paris depuis quelques années, elle a été récemment publiée dans des anthologies américaines et sur internet comme Aurora Wolf. Attirée aussi par les pays et les techniques culinaires asiatiques, elle écrit un livre de cuisine avec des recettes qui mélangent des genres autrement dit la « fusion food ».
Information sur ses publications et liens sur son blog :
Ce soir nous parlerons en anglais, donc si vous avez des questions, merci de me contacter via la page HH sur
Monday 10th October, 2011, "Happy Hour" 6-7pm on Radio Enghien Idfm98 or 98FM in Ile de France

Happy Hour takes a trip into a parallel universe to discover the works & inspiration of sci-fi-fantasy writer Opal Edgar. Currently living in Paris, she has numerous projects in the pipeline including experimenting with fusion food recipes to write her own cookbook.
She is an anthropology graduate (she wrote her thesis on the post 9/11 vampire myth resurgence) and has previously been published in Aurora Wolf’s anthology: Aurora of the Sun.

O – Other magical worlds appear in her writing,
P – Paris – a city she loves,
A – Australian born, French mum, Aussie Dad, grew up between countries,
L – loves cooking, and would love to go back and explore more countries in Asia…

Find out more about her upcoming publications on her blog:

Interview in English, all queries -
Audio will be available on the blog the following week :

Saturday, 2 July 2011


The month of June has been rather busy, instead of the usual weekly rejection letters, I got weekly acceptances!

So yes, for this month of June I have 3 publication announcements :)

First you can find my story 'Dark Hopes' on the webzine Organics: Eternal Love story:
Obviously this is a dark romance short, with love and blood, just as I know how to make them :)

Then I have an upcoming flash fiction, 'Poisoned blood' in the Magazine Hungur. This is a magazine that only publishes vampire stories, but not the cliché dark hansom out of the grave fantasy ones, but sci-fi vampires. Yep, you heard right. Vampires from the future, or in the future, alien vampires, robot vampires... whatever as long as it's a sci-fi universe rather than a fantasy one. My participation should come out in the November issue.

And last, in fact I just got the news today :) I have a short story 'Worlds fall apart' that should come out in the august issue of the webzine An Electric Tragedy. This is a horror story, one that the editor of the zine told me, rather awed, had managed to scare him. I’m so proud of that, I scare grown men! :D especially when he added that no other story he read through since he started the zine had managed to do that!

Ahhhh… this feels so great!

Oh I should add that my story in Aurora wolf has been published in print and is therefore not available on the website anymore. So if you were a little late and want, nay, NEED to read it, you can buy it here:

or here:

Take care :)