Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sankai Juku!

This is Buto, Japanese contemporary dance, and yes it is like steping into another world. I went to their show last thursday at the Paris theatre de ville, and I came out in awe.
It was just beautiful, elegent and almost mechanic, strong and vulnerable, viceral an vegetal...

Those are the photos I found on the web about their other performances, and I know I've been sold. Next show they make I'll be there.

The poetry of it was mind blowing, but it was mainly this sensation of being set in front of a compleatly alian civilisation that I loved. Symbolism was everywhere, and I just stayed transfixed by this other communication I just coundn't grasp. (maybe the anthropologist in me...)

I would have been told it was a scene from another planet I could have believed it.

All was so synchronised, and methodical, and extreem and yet soft and versatile : a bit like watching those fractal pictures of flowers. From close up it looks mathematical, but the further you go the more curvy and alive picture it creats.

Sincerly I didn't expect to be a great fan of it. I know nothing about dance - but now I feel like I've been missing out an all this. So I'll definitly be looking out for more.

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