Sunday, 7 February 2010

My Metal-esque music! (I’m in heaven with those! ahah)

Ah, not everyone shares my taste, I know I know, I can be a real teenager sometimes. But I can't help myself. There a few songs I love, pushing the limits of trash culture (I am perhaps a bit too gothic sometimes). At least be happy I made it short! Only 5 little songs.

I'll start with a classic, because this is what I began with. My first ever 2 CDs ? Blondie and Alice Cooper.

So this is
My Temptation by Alice Cooper :

Now something of my time, because it was just great! Of the words sound like they're coming out of some bad Goth romance, and it's a remake of some cheesy disco stuff, but damn isn't it good?

Sweet dreams, by Marilyn Manson

Now we'll go to something I discovered rather late - yes I needed more and more hardcore stuff...

Dragula (burn the witches), by Rob Zombie

Now for a little reminiscence, I love System of a Down, but I believe I've listen to all of their albums way too many times. So I'll go on the tangent a bit and show you :

Lie lie lie, by Serj Tankian

And finally a really odd Japanese one I just discovered recently (thank you love!!!). Truthfully I really don’t know where to fit it in – but I must say I enjoy the showmanship and the quirky carnival sense immensely!

Illuminati by Malice Mizer

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