Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Robot Gear!

Everything you need to be a good robot! Read up, play and open wide your eyes... Yes, there is such a thing as a robot topic-ed sub-culture list of stuff to do!

Here, lets start with a good little game:


Now this you can do rather fast even if you might block on a few of its really nice enigmas. It's a Czech game set in a nicely decrepit mechanized world. The game play is very easy to handle (exactly as I like it) and the story is very pleasant and creative. I really enjoyed it.

Here's another game if you prefer to play with the oil and goop that goes into the robots :-D

World of Goo

This is a great construction game where you play with flexible structures, stretch gooey stuff into bridges or try to build it into towers. What is particularly nice is the journey the game takes you in through its very peculiar world. It sets the mood straight on with eery Tim Burton-esque music, mechanical world and quirky humour from the 'sign painter' - and manages to weave a little story even though it is really one of those 'puzzle' type game. It's really cool! and anyone can do it... well with a little patience and brain scratching.

Okay, to reading now! Well, just as an appetizer I'd recomend a little short story:

Brief Candle, by Jason K. Chapman

I won't tell you much about that one because it's short and you need the surprise, but imagine a cleaning robot confronted with human blood... and issuing dilemmas, I mean he's meant to clean, yes, but he's not meant to interfere with humans. How far can all this go? A really good little story. In fact I'd strongly recommend you looking at the rest of the publications in Clarkesworld Magazine because there are some great sci-fi stuff in there.

And for more serious reading I think I can't recommend anything higher than a great classic:

I robot, by Asimov. Because it's good, very good.

Now to the emblematic film:

Wall-e, by the Pixar studios

Because they managed the incredible feat of making us forget that this is a robot. I mean who else better than Pixar can grow a sense of humanity into a hunk of metal? This was beautiful in the picture and in the message. A cute journey.

And finally a TV series:
Battlestar Galactica

Because it feels so real - this must be the only TV series that I've ever watched as if it was a great film! All about robots that is.

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