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My beloved sci-fi films!

The problem with science fiction in films (contrarily to books) is that they often can seem a little tacky, not that well handled or amateurish - and that I absolutely hate. So here is a list I strongly recommend. Films that are not about exploding spaceships but thoughtful technological, humane or futuristic adventure bubbles.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, by Michel Gondry

Now this is a great great film. Probably one of my favorites. If you have never seen it or are not sure what it talks about don't look at the trailer! Just go in blind. Because you really have to experience this! That I guess is my sole regret, I can never see this movie again and experience the same shock when the realization hit me in the dark cinema. Really fantastic acting and a beautiful love story.

Donny Darko, by Richard Kelly

A dark adolescent tale full of questioning and abstract visual math. Hum... doesn't sound that great told this way. How about a terrifying dream where you are told by some monstrous rabbit that the world is going to end in 24 days... This is where the questioning beginnings, can we go back in time? does the world extend beyond the self? This might sound abstract but that's just me retelling.

K-PAX, by Iain Softley

Because this is the nice sci-fi movie you can watch with your mum, or the friend that really 'isn't into that kind of thing' and they'll enjoy it. I hated the trailer as I watched it - made the film look like real American junk... but I guess some of that is is there too. Don't expect a confrontational film like American Beauty or something like that. This is pleasant stuff!

Run Lola Run, by Tom Tykwer

Fast paced video games-like film. This is about infinite possibility and how everything single little thing done has an effect... so how about changing the causes all the time?

Twelve Monkeys, by Terry Gilliam

Very good action sci-fi... messy perhaps, but in a good way. I love how we are mislead all along. This is like the unreliable narrator, you never quite know where the truth lies and what is going to happen next and if we are going to manage to stop the future terror! (of course I could have picked up Brazil by Gilliam, ahhh such a classic, but Brazil was soooo very gloom. I was never into 1984 by Orwell, it just got me depressed no end. Can't deny it's brilliant though.)

Blade Runner, by Ridley Scott

A classic, haven't seen it in a long long time... but it's great. What exactly does make us human, hey? Hard one, isn't it. For die hard fans of that one I recommend the point and click video game (yes, yes it is out there, I admit I never finished it even though it was very good - I just good lazy. And the board game Androids that is very very inspired by it)

(In the Ridley Scott collection there is also Alien, the first that is. There is something cult about that movie no matter how little it has to say... I can't remember what critic wrote that - but they said 'Alien' was a farce based on the disappearance of a cat. You have to love critics, sometimes they're more unreal than the film itself!)

5th Element, by Luc Besson

This must have been the 1st movie that transported me far into the future... and I loved it! I immoderately recommend it for all those out there how missed on it (and I'm always amazed to see how many that is). Go Rubi, my fabourit radio host in the whole universe! (especially when he screams! Yeah!)

Matrix, by the Wachowsky brothers

Yes, the matrix, because whatever anyone says that has been so very influential on films and video games. I don't know about anyone else, but to me most fight scenes have taken something of what we see in there. On a different note this is a very interesting film full of interesting questioning. It aged a little, but it is still really good and the only matrix worth seeing.

Here a spot for the funny:

The host, by Joon-ho Bong

Really, this was a great one alternating between the horror and the tension relief very effectively. I love it's very Coreeness too... with the exaggerated Asian emotion acting and yet a real harshness in events and coldness in violence. This isn't a film with nice morals or anything. It really cuts with the norms and plays with them. I really enjoyed it... probably even more since I was sitting through it with my teenage brother who just loved it and could contain all his excitment!

And for shear weirdness and creepiness:

Funky Forest: First Contact, by Katsuhito Ishii

Sorry this isn't a subtitled version but the pictures are enough to see what kind of movie this is. Now I admit it scared me... But damn was it an experience all on its own!

Oh, and here I’ll add the one that I’m dying to see:

District 9, by Neill Blomkamp

Obviously I can't say anything about it right now since I haven't seen it. But damn am I impatient!!!! This is so the type of stories I usually write and script out. Or at least I imagine it to be just that...

Hope you found something interesting in the lot!
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