Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My beloved point and click games!!!

There, this has to be said, my favorite video games have to belong to the "point and click" group. I know - it's completely basic and might be very old fashion, but I'm no good in jumping and shooting around, I usually get super bored by long quests and collecting stuff and I absolutely love enigmas!

So here is my top 3:


A very dark game where the main character's innermost psyche is cracked open for you. In this game you walk through a frightening world and slowly open one door after the next discovering what lies in his brain and perhaps who he is and what happened to him. It's great! Such an elaborated scenario!

Sam and Max (season 1 AND 2!!!!!)

This is sooooo entertaining! I love every single comments Sam and Max d o about everything! It's funny, it's weird, and smart! What more can you ask for?!

Professor Layton (is it even a point and click game or is it an enigma game? I have no idea)

This is a DS game. Yes I do leave my computer's keyboard sometimes... and it's sooo cute! The animations are amazing on the little screen, like a real cartoon! And the enigmas are very so pleasant. Ok, I'm not so smart that I didn't have to really stop and think about it sometimes and I really enjoyed it. It's very good.

Goblin (ahhh so good memories - my 1st game I believe)1 and 3

It must be so old and ugly now to look at. Damn I think it hurt my eyes. But I loved it, really. It took me ages to resolve everything and move from one world to the next. It was so very satisfying to my 10years old self to move through and manage to solve all the problems. They made so little sens to me, they seemed so completely crazy. It was great!

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