Friday, 1 January 2010

My japanese film top 10

The Taste of Tea, by Katsuhito Ishii

Because it's full of wonder and dreams - in this film we go into all the cute craziness of the one family, from the kids to the parents and the grand-parents they are absolutely all lovable characters.

Spirited away, by Hayao Miyazaki

This film is dream itself, transporting us so far on spirit's back you never want to touch ground again. but then again Miyazaki is a master of dreams, isn't he?

A Forest with no name, by Shinji Aoyama

This is an odd little film, full of surprises and the unexpected. Where you laugh until the weird becomes overwhelming... and then you get a little scared. Fascinating.

Hana and Alice, by Shinji Iwaii

A sweet tale on very subtle teenage emotions. How far can lies stretch and how much friendship can take... nothing dramatic, but so touching.

Love letter, by Shinji Iwaii (yes, yes another one)

A beautiful story of coming to terms with the death of your love... don't be mistaken, it's a comedy, well partly. What happens when you get an answer from a letter you wrote to your dead fiance to a house that was knocked down?

Labyrinth of dreams, by Sogo Ishii

A really, really poetic movie. Utterly amazing from someone that is as much into pop culture as Sogo Ishii. A real gem of a journey that frontiers on the surreal.

The 7 samurai (ahhhhh, a classic!), by Akira Kurosawa

Because I love the moral at the end. Because it's a great film. Because it's a must see.

Departure, by Yôjirô Takita

Very delicate, us westerners have so little respect for others and for the dead... and this film has so much of it. Why can't it bleed over a little to our side? It is beautiful.

Zaitoichi, the whole series! (but especially with Shintarô Katsu)

Because the adventure is excellent! Lots of good old samurai (yes a blind one) tale. I still haven't seen all of them, but I will! ... eventually. Not all the episodes are of the same quality, but it's always fun.

Lone wolf and cub, baby cart at the river stynx (the 1st of the series is much too kitsch), by Kenji Misumi

The kid is simply too amazing not to lift this film into great samurai tales. It is so irreverent and harsh, and yet full of humanity, I just have to like it!

So here for my little list... I'll no doubt add some in the future.

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  1. Just finished the Lone Wolf and Cub series. What a delightfully, unabashedly crazy series of films.