Sunday, 10 January 2010

Best shorts stories on the web!!

That is Fantasy and Sci-fi stories! Mainly Fantasy I'd even say. I've read so many but those must be the ones I enjoyed the most. So have fun with them!

Beautiful White bodies, by Alice Sola Kim

This is a very disturbing tale. It starts in a girly way, full of 'girl's trouble and concern' but manages to really hook you with a viciously sharp pen and a terrible building of atmosphere (the overwhelming sense of uneasiness in those pages so illustrate teenage angst). Of course what's going on in the town is utterly weird and you just WANT to know what it is. I enjoyed it a great deal, fascinated by the negative and scary beauties portrayed in the text. I don't want to tell anything here because short stories really have to be discovered (they're so short)- but this is a very neat work. Go read it!

Ahhhh... I loved those sooo cruel cruel aliens and their cultural differences and the need to get use to knew lives of hardship and new realities and resistance. The characters are very unusual and seem so real, the aliens are so believable as a greater predator than we ourselves are...
scary but not in the 'boo this is a monster' way, more in the realizations that those aliens are exactly what we are and perhaps this is what we (as we are now) would do to a race we would find so inferior to us. Maybe I'm exaggerating horribly - but I'm not so sure, humans do crazy scary things I don't understand in the remotest way all the time! We are such a terrifying race!

Teddy Bears and Tea Parties, by S Boyd Taylor

This here really is the horror story of the lot. The words that stayed with me are: 'Everything eats'... and this really is the heart of this story. What if you wake up one day and everything, absolutely everything has to sustain itself. A great text, chilling and awe inducing at the same time. Because some of what happens is beautiful, and yet so very scary and disturbing. The imagination of the author is unbelievable!

The Mermaids Singing Each to Each, by Cat Rambo

Have you ever read The Old Man and the Sea? Well this has its backbone and its strength and so much more. Perhaps this talks to be so very much more because it feels so contemporary, is so full of our own questions, is fantasy and has so many characters I so care about. From the first sentence I was drawn in. The writer is fast and hits just the write notes to get you hooked and wanting more and make you read right through without ever realizing it. I've actually read a lot of her work and enjoyed all the ones that I did get to lay my eyes on. So if don't hesitate to dig deeper into her work.

The Raccoon’s Daughter, by Nicole Kornher-Stace

This story might not have that many fantasy elements but happens in another world... though a world so close to current dictatorships it resonates like truth. I was very intrigued by the story and felt lie I was also on the bus in trying to smuggle into some dangerous South American story. I liked those parts where we see sad pride of westerners and their deluded sense of changing things.

This is a good round tale about scary worships and crazy things people do in the name of cults. There is something almost pitiful about this story full of nostalgia and hurt. It's very imaginative and run in a neat smooth way. I very much liked it.

Well enjoy all this! and I'll come back with more, next month maybe!

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