Thursday, 30 September 2010

Published short story : Agony of lost souls

I'd forgotten to write it here, I finally got published :D yes, it did eventually happen, my first appearance, you can read the story here :

Good read!

And the image you see above was drawn just for my story (not my little pens and colours, but damn it feels so odd having someone illustate what you do! It feels important)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sankai Juku!

This is Buto, Japanese contemporary dance, and yes it is like steping into another world. I went to their show last thursday at the Paris theatre de ville, and I came out in awe.
It was just beautiful, elegent and almost mechanic, strong and vulnerable, viceral an vegetal...

Those are the photos I found on the web about their other performances, and I know I've been sold. Next show they make I'll be there.

The poetry of it was mind blowing, but it was mainly this sensation of being set in front of a compleatly alian civilisation that I loved. Symbolism was everywhere, and I just stayed transfixed by this other communication I just coundn't grasp. (maybe the anthropologist in me...)

I would have been told it was a scene from another planet I could have believed it.

All was so synchronised, and methodical, and extreem and yet soft and versatile : a bit like watching those fractal pictures of flowers. From close up it looks mathematical, but the further you go the more curvy and alive picture it creats.

Sincerly I didn't expect to be a great fan of it. I know nothing about dance - but now I feel like I've been missing out an all this. So I'll definitly be looking out for more.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Fanatic religious empires in graphic novels (and how to overthrow them)

Those are great (and I mean really great) epic series that send you into this nightmare world of religious extremes, fanaticism, and unhealthy intrigues. Their artists are particularly gifted too and the images are all superb and rich and beautiful (even if what's in them might sometimes be hard on the eye). Here is the 3 I really got into:

Requiem Vampire Knight, by Pat Mills and Olivier Ledroit

This is set in a world (after death, is it purgatory or hell itself?) where everything is upside down - where what is good in our world, is evil in theirs, and where fanatics are always ready to get you back onto the stray path. I like the ambiguity in play, how the sens of 'honor and justice' is a perversion in their world. It plays with a lot of nasty concepts and historical events, and really misses little on the 'awfulness people have done' on our glorious time line.

Angel Sanctuary, by Tenshi kinryoku

It was hard to get into this one - probably because I'm not used to mangas and was finding the shear amount of people in it confusing. But after the 2nd I was hocked I just had to read through the 20 volumes. This is heaven when God simply isn't there and power, jealousy, 'holy' racism. Cleansing is a very scary thing, and in the end purity is as terrifying as all evils. In this work angels are real monsters and heaven is a very scary place.

Sky Doll, by Barbucci and Canepa

This graphic novel is set in a future where flesh is the religion, where mechas exist and feel and act like people, their only difference is their plastic bodies. Amongst those living doll might be the reincarnation of the main 'disapeared' saint - but what if she doesn't want to come back to the decadent world?

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Fairy tales in films

The classic fairy tale
The Beauty and the Beast, by Jean Cocteau

This is a masterpiece, and anyone serious about cinema should already have seen it! It's fairy tale in its purest form - magic, meanies to be punished, and a Cinderella-like young woman becoming a princess. So many thing have been taken from this film and reused, and it leaved you with stares in the eyes. Truly beautiful.

Reinventing the fairy tale
Nightmare before Christmas, by Henry Selick

I don't think anyone missed that one, setting up the modern Gothic trends... well I say modern but really I was 9 when it came out and I saw it for the first time around that period. This was a nice waking up, making you want to dress in black and cheerfully sing all the tunes of the feature you'd obviously learned by heart.

Resetting the fairy tale into modern imaginations
AI, by Spielberg

Today Pinocchio fits much more naturally into a mecha skin than a hunk of wood - I don't know for you but I personally click with the idea much better. And I think their is absolutely nothing wrong in resetting the classics so that they talk to us in a new, and I reckon more thought provoking light. A sci-fi fairy tale it is then! the only thing I regret about that one is the double ending. We get an extra 20min to the movie all warm and sweet and gooey without really getting the point of it - it really feels like an appendix to the film in a different tone. (by the way, if you loved this film try D.A.R.Y.L. by Simon Wincer)

The escapism offered by fairy tale
Pan's Labyrinth, by Gillermo del Toro

This is a cruel film, full of the violence of the Fascist regime in Spain and a little girl's need to get out of it all. So is this her imagination or a real fairy tale sneaking into the world thanks to all it's terrible real life monsters?

Bringing the fairy tale into the real world
Amelie Poulain, by JP Jeunet

Dream is also available in fantasised realities... with a beautified Paris and lovable main characters, this is a modern fairy tale about love and happiness. Obviously you find the ironic cruel quirks of fairy tale life in there, making you smile and grimace at the same time (I mean you can't get much lower than finding that your prince charming works in a sex shop - no matter how uninterested he might be). But Amelie is definitely a film made to send your mind in soft dreams. From the storyteller, I mean we can't mistake that voice over for anything but that, to the lovely hue of aged photographs given to the whole film, this is a modern fairy tale writer only with elements of 'today'.

Taking out the "fairy tale" part from the fairy tale
Hansel and Gretel, by Pil-Sung Yim

This film is really about what would happen if Hansel and Gretel never got their parents after they burned the witch. How scary do you get when all abandon you and all you know is evil?
It's when watching films like that you realise the fairy tale is really part of the European culture and how even with it's elements you don't necessarily create one. Because to me this film managed to step out of the fairy tale so easily I was stunned.

And soon to add to this list I'll go see Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton, we'll see what that's worth :D

Monday, 22 February 2010

The Witch Head Nebula!!!

Come on isn't that one just great?! It's fantastic! It looks like a painting. Makes me want to read a fantasy book, like 'Deerskin' by Robin McKinley again, sitting my a fire. Or perhaps a nice medieval book, like 'The doomsday book' by Connie Willis. I love it!

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Fantastic Mr Fox

I just saw the movie tonight and I absolutely loved it ! I highly recomend it to all the fans of Wes Anderson, Roald Dahl, animation, and great off-beat dialogues.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

My Metal-esque music! (I’m in heaven with those! ahah)

Ah, not everyone shares my taste, I know I know, I can be a real teenager sometimes. But I can't help myself. There a few songs I love, pushing the limits of trash culture (I am perhaps a bit too gothic sometimes). At least be happy I made it short! Only 5 little songs.

I'll start with a classic, because this is what I began with. My first ever 2 CDs ? Blondie and Alice Cooper.

So this is
My Temptation by Alice Cooper :

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Robot Gear!

Everything you need to be a good robot! Read up, play and open wide your eyes... Yes, there is such a thing as a robot topic-ed sub-culture list of stuff to do!

Here, lets start with a good little game:


Saturday, 23 January 2010

My beloved sci-fi films!

The problem with science fiction in films (contrarily to books) is that they often can seem a little tacky, not that well handled or amateurish - and that I absolutely hate. So here is a list I strongly recommend. Films that are not about exploding spaceships but thoughtful technological, humane or futuristic adventure bubbles.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, by Michel Gondry

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My beloved point and click games!!!

There, this has to be said, my favorite video games have to belong to the "point and click" group. I know - it's completely basic and might be very old fashion, but I'm no good in jumping and shooting around, I usually get super bored by long quests and collecting stuff and I absolutely love enigmas!

So here is my top 3:


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Best shorts stories on the web!!

That is Fantasy and Sci-fi stories! Mainly Fantasy I'd even say. I've read so many but those must be the ones I enjoyed the most. So have fun with them!

Beautiful White bodies, by Alice Sola Kim

This is a very disturbing tale. It starts in a girly way, full of 'girl's trouble and concern' but manages to really hook you with a viciously sharp pen and a terrible building of atmosphere (the overwhelming sense of uneasiness in those pages so illustrate teenage angst). Of course what's going on in the town is utterly weird and you just WANT to know what it is. I enjoyed it a great deal, fascinated by the negative and scary beauties portrayed in the text. I don't want to tell anything here because short stories really have to be discovered (they're so short)- but this is a very neat work. Go read it!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Autobiographical Comic Books, Top 5

(did I put more than 5 titles?? oh, sorry, must mean they're good then)

There is something so personal about texts and pictures from the one person retelling their life that you simply have to be touched by it. To me this is the ultimate revelation and glimpse into someone else's psyche. Those are big books because they are so personal. Here are some beautiful works:

Blankets, by Craig Thompson

Monday, 4 January 2010

Arkham Horror Short story: When Ancient Gods Rise

This is a story based on the actual events of a board game . Everything that is written there happened in that very sequence. This is really fan fiction and might not be very entertaining if you do not know the game (let's say it's a session report written as a short story). For those who know: Enjoy!

Sitting on the cold asphalt of Velma’s diner’s parking I realized I needed to do something, and I don’t just mean standing up. If I didn’t do something very soon the world, or at least the world as we knew it, was going to end. I’d seen it happen. Some horrid creature, all razor beaks, slimy tentacles and coveting blood thirsty eyes would descend on us and reap us up like the vermin it fed of. I shivered. I needed help, cross that out, humanity needed help! I dug through my purse, pushing aside the ridiculously heavy brass knuckle I never found the courage of parting with left from my deceased husband, the flare gun I carried for security reasons, and finally found what I was looking for. I held the business card to the street light and nodded as the name came back to me: Darrell Simmons. He was exactly the person I needed. I clambered to Velma’s, stretching my sore old muscles.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

You said vampire books?

I dedicate this list to people who love good vampire books as much as I do! This is for when you don't know what to chew at next. (and yes I did read those 90 books)

Friday, 1 January 2010

My japanese film top 10

The Taste of Tea, by Katsuhito Ishii

Because it's full of wonder and dreams - in this film we go into all the cute craziness of the one family, from the kids to the parents and the grand-parents they are absolutely all lovable characters.